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Online Gold Mine
April 26, 2009
Pittsburgh PA

Keynote Speakers

Looking for a dynamic diva duo to inspire, empower, educate, and entertain your audience? Look no further!


Donna and Kirsten are out-of-the-box thinkers who will knock the socks off your audience with their energetic style.

They combine wisdom, humor, business, and personal experience to create unique and original presentations.

They make sure listeners walk away with all the ideas, tools, and processes they need so they can immediately begin applying them in their business.

They are the authors of the e-book “199 Online Tools that will Empower You and Your Business!”


Keynote Speech:
“There’s a Gold Mine Online”

If you’ve been struggling to make extra money on the Internet, you’re not alone. We all know there’s a gold mine online but you have to know where and how to dig and you need the tools to do it. But… honestly - it’s not as easy as some people say - as you know if you’ve been trying. Yet when you do find “it,” you know that it is the best way to find financial success. Let the 2 Tech Divas give you some places to start digging to help you find your Gold Mine. In this Keynote/Workshop, the 2 Tech Divas will reveal valuable online tools that can help you start digging for your online gold!


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