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Online Gold Mine
April 26, 2009
Pittsburgh PA


The next workshop  - Blogging for Beginners (Oct 24th, 2009)
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Tech Divas
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Are You Afraid that Your Lack of Technical Skills
will Sabotage Your Business’ Online Success?

2 Tech Divas 2 Tech You’re not alone.  Let the 2 Tech Divas help you! If you’ve been struggling to understand how to use the Internet to increase business, you’re not alone. We all know there’s a gold mine online but you have to know where and how to dig and you need the tools to do it.

But… honestly - it’s not as easy as some people say - as you know if you’ve been trying. Yet when you do find “it,” you know that it is the best way to increase your market presence. Let the 2 Tech Divas help you through our digital consulting and coaching, laptop workshops, digital workouts and more!

We know that a lot of entrepreneurs out there “know their business”, but haven’t kept up with technology to take their business to another level. The goal of all of our Services is to help empower you and your business through the use of the various online tools and services. From designing you a new web site to setting up your shopping cart, 2 Tech Divas can not only set this up, but we can also train you to continue on your own. Look around our site to see what we can help you with today and even read and view video testimonials from satisfied clients. We have been helping entrepreneurs for over 10 years with their services resulting in some of our clients earning online income in excess of 20k per month. By the way, we love to work with Technically Challenged people!