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Setdot - Event Planning

Tech Diva Donna here to tell you about a tool I found.
For all of you who like to use Evite to send out your event invitations and keep track of who’s coming and who’s not, here’s a comparable tool that you may like better. This tool is call Setdot. Yes, weird name, I know. However, the concept is similar to Evite without all the ads all over the place. Plus the site seems to run much faster. Divas don’t like to wait you know. In my opinion, Sedot gives you the same features as Evite with a more user friendly look and simple admin area. I don’t know about you, but sometimes Evite gets blocked from the location I use at times. In any event (no pun intended), check out Setdot. It may help you plan your next Diva affair!

Phone My Phone

 Have you ever lost your cellphone in the house and could not find it anywhere? Then you go to call it and realize that your cellphone is the only phone you use now and unfortunately no one else is at your house with their cellphone to call your phone (Not because you have no friends, but because you were just spending some diva time alone). Well this cool online tool called Phone my Phone will allow you to call your phone and determine how many times to keep calling it. Just in case you are still looking and just when you think you know that direction the ringing is coming from it stops! Not only can you call on the spot, but you can set it to call you at a later time. Good for Divas who need to get out of meetings and blind dates!